Another Evening and Other Tales

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The debut album from the Shelf Life String Band in compact disc format.  Released on March 20, 2014.


Another Evening originally appeared on an EP that was recorded and released by Joe and Derek in 2008. The song now kicks off the debut full length with a high-energy feel and lyrics that depict the mindset of an eager entertainer diving into the first hours of the evening with an “anything goes” type attitude.


Single Barrel features a bluegrass style drive coupled with a lyrical first-person narrative based on an outlaw who carries a gun and was born in the desert.


Hello Sharice is a melodic and poetic interpretation of a memorable experience spent with a lady of the night named Sharice.


Work is for the Bees is a ballad for the working class. The sweetness of the melody balanced with the bitterness of the honesty and irony in it’s lyrics makes for a drinking song that is meant to be sung to friends who now have to leave the party in order to make it to work on time in the morning.


Shelf Life is a heartfelt, self-titled song that deals with the coming and going of friends throughout one’s life. It also touches on the futile struggle of trying to remain the same through the years.


Farewell Song is a song meant for last call. Its lyrics refer to the anxiety that occurs from writer’s block and how easy it it is to become lost in this feeling.


Snake Charmer’s Lament tells the story of a hardworking snake charmer whose charm finally wears off leaving them at the mercy of the venomous reptile. It is a story that would typically be shared after the bars have closed and the party has begun.


Surrender is a song of thanks to those that can be considered saviors for all of their help. The song stands as a promise to never surrender to the ways of the small town mindset.


Fiddled is an instrumental bluegrass style song that represents the final hours of an evening of binge drinking when the fist fights tend to breakout.


Sunrise is an uplifting train song that represents the initial feeling one gets when the first rays of sunlight become visible after a fun-filled all-nighter with the best of chums.

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